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2024 Q1 Active Lifts

After soccer clinics in a variety of Zambian communities, Lalumwe’s impact partners have brought the following needs forward for our community to address. Your kind gift can help us eradicate childhood poverty in these communities.

Community #1

Buiketo Primary School

Buiketo Primary School, located 30km from Livingstone Town, serves 230 homesteads, a total population of 1,380 people. The community has a hand-pumped borehole, however, it breaks often creating water crises over and over again. The children are passionate about the game of soccer and gardening. A great deal of improvisation is needed for soccer including handmade soccer balls and goals. Their love for gardening also remains despite the cumbersome task of irrigating their crops due to long trips to the borehole carrying heavy containers of water.

2024 Planned Projects Include:

Community #2

Mahululo Health Post Clinic & Community

The Mahululo Health Clinic serves 8 villages with over 1,300 people. Each day the clinic sees at least 22 patients from the surrounding areas. Many of the patients are ill from water-born illnesses due to a lack of access to clean water. Over 40% of the community cannot access clean water and those who can, have up to a 10km round trip on foot through dangerous countryside to retrieve water from the hand-pumped borehole. The pump often breaks creating a water crisis for the entire community. The health clinic does not have running water which severely impacts hygiene. The only electricity available is solar and powers only lights and the vaccine fridge. The mother’s shelter does not have electricity or running water. 

2024 Planned Projects Include:

Community #3

Namatama Clinic

The Namatama Clinic, located 13km from the small city of Livingstone, serves over 6,000 people. The clinic has been developed and connected online, making it a great candidate for Lalumwe’s ultrasound program. The clinic serves over 400 maternity cases each year and does not have ultrasound equipment, requiring a referral to the hospital in Livingstone for imaging. The clinic also cares for more complicated pregnancies from surrounding communities like Mahululo and Kasiya. By installing Lalumwe’s ultrasound program and equipment, expectant mothers will not have to travel great distances on foot for care and improve outcomes for many more newborn children.

2024 Planned Projects Include: