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A holistic approach


In Simoonga, several critical areas of need were addressed, including water, health, food supply and education, and youth development through recreation opportunities. Efforts positively affected three communities, 10 villages, 400 homesteads, and over six thousand people.

Simoonga Lift by the Numbers

The water project’s reach:

  • 3 communities
  • 3,879 school children
  • 1 market with 17 shops and 30 vendors
  • 400 homesteads comprised of 2,400 inhabitants
    = 6,326 people gaining access to drinking water from the Simonga water tower

The health post’s impact:

  • Catchment area of 6,594 people
  • 10+ villages covered
  • An average of 50 – 100 patients per day visit the clinic

The soccer field’s scope:

  • 500 children from Ndlovu secondary school
  • 6 soccer clubs
  • To host 16 ward soccer clubs + a tournament for 11 schools
  • 710 team members benefitted
    = 3,879 youth with direct access to the soccer pitch

The greenhouse project outcomes:

  • 3,879 children receive education plus a feeding program
  • Estimated yield per season:
    Kale – 300 bundles
    Onions – 10 pockets (100kgs)
    Tomatoes – 15 boxes (150kgs)


Honing in on the essentials


Focusing on water and healthcare access helped establish a solid foundation and foster a more resilient way of life for the Kasiya community. This lift’s impact encompassed four villages and over 1,800 people.

Kasiya Lift by the Numbers

The water project’s reach:

  • 1 borehole
  • 2 villages served
    = 936 people with access to drinkable water

The health post’s impact:

  • 4 villages covered
    = 1,863 people impacted


Water access takes center stage


In the agriculture-driven area of Simakade, directing attention toward the water supply needed to support over 1,500 people plus 8,000 livestock was crucial. The lift also included implementing a food-growing education program for 203 children and building a sports court to serve upward of 400 youth.

Simakade Lift by the Numbers

The water project’s reach:

  • 4 villages comprised of 260 homesteads
  • 1,560 people
  • 8,000 animals
  • On school days, 203 children outside of the village also benefit from water tower access

The sports court’s scope:

  • 406 children from 2 schools (Vulindlela Secondary and Simakade Primary) have access to the court

The greenhouse/garden project outcomes:

  • 203 children receive education plus a feeding program
  • Estimated yield per season:
    Kale – 100 bundles
    Cabbage – 100 heads
    Tomatoes – 4 boxes (40kg)
    Rape – 100 bundles

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