Lifting Lives in rural africa

We are on a mission to lift 237 million children in sub-Saharan Africa out of extreme poverty through water, food, health, and play.

Project Simoonga
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Together, we can end the childhood poverty crisis in sub-Saharan Africa.

The rate of poverty for sub-Saharan African children has exploded to become, by far, the worst in the world. But when families lack things like clean water, food, and safety, kids end up working instead of learning. Without an education, there are no opportunities and very little hope to break the cycle. We are on a mission to put an end to this crisis by ensuring every child has what they need to shape their future – starting with the basics.

2024 Active Lifts In Zambia

Help us meet our goal to support children living in chronic poverty.


Buiketo Primary School, located 30km from Livingstone Town, serves 230 homesteads, a total population of 1,380 people. The community has a hand-pumped borehole… Read More


The Mahululo Health Clinic serves 8 villages with over 1,300 people. Each day the clinic sees at least 22 patients from the surrounding areas. Many of the patients are… Read More


The Namatama Clinic, located 13km from the small city of Livingstone, serves over 6,000 people. The clinic has been developed and connected online, making it a…  Read More


Lifts Completed in Zambia & Zimbabwe

People Provided With Access to Clean Water

Children Learning Life Skills Through Play

People Served by Rural Health Clinics

Together, WE can change the world.

100% of the proceeds of our fashion lines directly supports a Lift in rural Africa.