The Lalumwe Story

United in spirit and service.

How it all began

Thirteen people.

In a Land Rover built for seven.

On a dirt road filled with potholes and hope.

The group of 13 was driven by their partnership with the Ministry of Health in Zambia, and the urge to lift rural communities fueled the vehicle more than any gasoline ever could. Pulling up to the town of Kasiya, the sounds of joy and song filled the air as the village inhabitants welcomed the 13 travelers with open arms. The energy was palpable. It felt like something big was happening. It felt like home.

The Moment

The Kasiya homecoming marked a celebratory showcase of projects – a water spigot, an electrical panel, an enhanced health clinic – accomplished through symbiotic partnerships and an accountable community ready to expand self-sufficiency.

That was the moment that co-founders Craig, Mike, and Adam realized they could do so much more.

The next chapter

While Lalumwe has grown beyond the number 13, one truth remains unwavering: sustained positive change is possible by a continued focus on the collaboration between big hearts and receptive local partners. Working together, we can continue writing success stories and lifting our global family.

Adam, Craig, and Mike

Together, WE can change the world.

100% of the proceeds of our fashion lines directly supports a Lift in rural Africa.